Padel Court Configuration – costs and price

Padel Court Configuration –  costs and price
Padel Court Configuration –  costs and price

There are a good number of factors that are determining the price and we would like to introduce this to you in more detail: 


The application (indoor or outdoor) actually decides which of the 3 available Padel Court construction systems is the most appropriate for you. We recommend models BASIC, PANORAMIC BASIC, BASIC PRO and Mod. PANORAMIC for Indoor use, and the Mod. PREMIUM for Outdoor use.
The Mod. PREMIUM provides an additional reinforcement of the vertical supports to achieve a better structural stability against wind loads. 
The combination with our Structural Engineering Packages (SEP)  makes the Padel Court very versatile for every application and convert our value proposition as the strongest and safest of the market. 
See also this post:  Wind loads on Padel CourtsStructural Strength
See also overview of Padel Court models.


You can achieve best price optimization through 2, 4 or 6 Padel Courts, since we can load 2 Padel Courts on one truck or container at a time, depending on the model.  Of course, 3 Padel Courts can be ordered and delivered. In this case, the second truck would go with only 1 Court and the transport costs would be the same as the first truck with 2 courts. This is for truck deliveries in Europe. For container loads for oversees and other remote areas needs to be calculated independently. 


Artificial turf – fibrillated, monofilament or textured
The fibrillated turf is very common and is also very popular among the players. The silica sand works much better with the fibrillated turf and creates an optimal playing surface after a short time. The monofilament is usually longer lasting and has an extra cost. The silica sand takes much longer to work into the fibers to create optimal playing surface. Is less exposed to hardening due to lack of maintenance on outdoor facilities. However, both solutions need to be regularly brushed.
NEW! Textured Turf with low maintenance and high comfort 
Artificial turf systems with textured filaments (crimped) allow intensive use, optimal cushioning and achieve a long lasting life even with reduced care.
The textured structure perfectly encapsulates the silica sand as a stabilizing sand and ensures a constant volume. The recommended silica sand filling for this solution is only approx. 7-8 kg/m2. In conventional fibrillated and monofilament solutions, the silica sand amount is 15 kg/m2. The textured artificial turf is also the one used in the WORLD PADEL TOUR.  For more information see HERE


For the steel structure we can go for any color of the RAL-table with no surcharge.


Green has to surcharge.  Blue, Terracotta and purple has a little surcharge. 
See overview color combinations:


On indoor facilities we recommend “open on both sides“, since the ball can also be played from outside the court.

For outdoor facilities “doors on both sides” or also”open of both sides”.  It depends on how you want to position the Padel Court in your facility
Ball-stop-nettings around the perimeter (on the long and short side) are needed for Padel Courts that are very close to the roadside or on a roof construction. This prevents balls going down the street.


For outdoor: Tempered glass of a thickness of 12 mm (1/2″) is always the first option. For indoor systems usually 10 mm (3/8″) .
Southern countries also use 10 mm for outdoor, but countries with high technical requirement, such as UK or Germany, we recommend the use of tempered glass 12 mm (1/2″) . In countries like USA, we do offer also laminated glass solutions of 12 mm (1/2″).


Indoor – If there is enough light and you can use the existing lighting system, then you could go for “without any lighting on the court“.  This will make the court cheaper. If there is some need for more light you could just add some more LED-spotlights on the ceiling, where the power supply if much easier to get. 

If you prefer the lighting on the court, we can of course supply the lighting pillars and the LED-Spotlights.
On outdoor Padel Courts usually 2 spotlights per lighting pillar are used. Nowadays, we are only considering LED.
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By truck: The transport costs heavily depend on the distance we have from the loading point to your place.  

Sea freight: On container loads we usually do EXW or CIF to your closest seaport. Our closest port is Valencia-Spain. We recommend asking your local logistic company for a door-to-door service. 

We deliver to Europe and specialized in remote areas like Mauritius, Barbados, Maldives and other challenging areas.  


There are situations where the truck can not reach the place of installation and the material can not be unloaded directly at the place of installation with the help of a crane  (sourced locally) or forklift. If this is not possible, then an additional working day for moving the material to the place of installation with smaller trucks, would have to be taken into consideration. Usually the path is done when making the foundation for the court, so that this scenario is relatively rare.


Depending on the Padel Court Modell and local conditions, we would need 3-5 days to build a Padel Court and it should be noted that all work needs to be completed on-site before we show-up, so that we can install the Padel Courts straight away.

These are the main criteria that has an impact on price and total costs, and it varies significantly from case to case as the needs and expectations are different. We design the quote based on your requirements and needs.


To give you a rough idea about the price:
Starting at approx. € 15450 per Padel Court for several courts for indoor use. The price depends on quantity, Indoor/Outdoor, configuration as described before, commercial conditions, construction system based on wind loads and conditions at the place of installation.


If OUTDOOR: foundation made by a local contractor. see post about foundation
If INDOOR, the subfloor needs to be concrete and free of electrical, water and gas tubes as we need to anchor the Padel Courts to the ground.  see post 

Feel free to use our contact form to send us your price request and find out the price for your project. We will provide some more information about the Padel and its possibilities for you. 4