Windloads on Padel Courts

Windloads on Padel Courts

Should the Padel Court resist the wind loads of your specific area? 
The answer is absolutely YES. Every Outdoor-Padel Court is permanently exposed to all the environmental actions during the whole year and consequently your Padel Courts would need to be resistant to rain, snow and wind

In this post we are going to focus on the wind action, as the pressure caused by wind on structures is the most destructive and can cause severe damage to the Padel Court, if we do not properly choose the right construction based on the wind provisions in your specific area.

When calculating wind loads there are many factors that are being considered by structural engineers.

Those factors are:
– Basic wind speed
– Exposure (terrain categories or risk categories)
– Altitude
– gust duration
– Height and shape of the structure
and many more based on the local building code.

Wind loads in Miami are not the same as in Frankfurt, and wind loads in coastal areas are not the same as in areas surrounded by buildings.   

For structural engineers a Padel Court is an “unroofed and low-rise structure of a size of 20x10x4m”. In the process of every project, either you, the investors, your structural engineers, the building company or your local authorities would like to know for your own safety, that the Padel Court will resist the local wind load provisions.

Here some pictures of an installation made in Germany in one of areas with the highest wind loads:

Windloads on Padel Courts
Windloads on Padel Courts

By saying this, we highly recommend talking to local structural engineer that can help you and us to determine the final classification of your area as well as the wind loads to consider for your project. Local building regulations are very strict and together we need to smarty follow those guidelines and install the Padel Court with the highest safety conditions. 

Here our solution:

Structural Engineering Packages (SEP)

Our Structural Engineering Packages (SEP) make our Padel Court, Mod. PREMIUM very versatile for every application and convert our value proposition as the strongest and safest of the market.

Windloads on Padel Courts

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