Converting disused sports fields into Padel

There are numerous sports fields that are NOT being used and are simply abandoned. These places take up enormous space.

Who pays that?
Each disused tennis court occupies a total area of 34 x 17 = 578 m2 (+/-).
When it comes to a field of another sport or even a car park, the dimensions are different.
Those areas could – after a meaningful and highly attractive transformation – be revived.

Not only areas in tennis clubs, but also in company premises for employees, in recreational areas in communities, in condominiums, schools or public areas. Also handball fields or fields of other sports are maybe rarely used and owners (private or public) do not benefit.

These projects were built many years ago and have often a surface made of asphalt (Tarmac). The good news is that such asphalted surfaces can be easily converted into a Padel Area at relatively little cost. All you have to do is cast the strip foundation, and the existing asphalt surface can be used as a playing surface. The artificial turf is then laid on the existing surface during the construction of the Padel Courts, so that nothing will be visible from the old surface.

The condition is that the surface must be level and the rainwater need to drain through. If the rainwater can not drain through, then you may have a slope. The best would be to measure the area and check what works with the help of a local building company.

Here are some pictures of the ground works of one of our numerous projects. In this project, the existing asphalt surface is being used as a playing surface. The last picture shows the final result right after the installation.

If you have a similar situation, and you would like to create a recreational opportunity for all ages, then we recommend to consider Padel as the solution for the transformation. People will definitely have a lot of fun with it. Padel is the fastest growing sport in the world.

We deliver and build the Padel Court for you. 
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