What is padel and what makes it so attractive?

Padel is the fastest growing racket sport in the world. Already very popular in Spain and Latin America, the game is quickly attracting new players around the globe. Padel clubs are opening in the UK, Germany, France, the Middle East, Australia, Canada, and the United States and Padel is being used in tennis clubs, tennis academies, sport and leisure centers, hotels, luxury hotels & resorts, golf clubs, condominiums and Leisure Centers to increase their sport offer.

Padel is a mix of tennis and squash and is only played in doubles. Is counted according to the rules of tennis, the walls are involved in the game. The padel is approximately a half of a tennis court and is surrounded on all sides by glass and meshed panels. As with the tennis court the Padel Court is divided by a netting in two halves. It is played with tennis balls and special racquets designed for Padel.

What is padel?
What is padel?

The playing area of a padel court is 20 x 10 m and with the steel structure approx. 20.8 x 10.8 m (68,2 x 35,4 ft) (depending on the model). This size is significantly smaller than that of a tennis court with approx. 34 x 17 m. By reducing the playing field and increasing the number of players with the same area, there is an increase from 2-4 players to 12 players. An extremely attractive approach in terms of the return on the available space.

Saving energy with Padel:
The annual maintenance costs are significantly lower in comparison to a tennis court. The padel court does not require winter storage and spring repairs, and if you have clay courts, it does not require groundwatering during operation either. Padel offers you an interesting savings potential at this point.

Padel as an additional sport option we see the following advantages:

  • Additional new group of adults and young people increasing the number of members
  • Differentiation for your club
  • Better retention rate of your existing members, as they stay longer. (less dropouts)
  • New structure for tournaments and teams
  • Tennis coaches extend the range of training courses
  • More club life by an additional cognate sport
  • Perfect solution and optimization for your available space (20 x 10 m) (65,6 x 32,8 feet)
  • If no additional area is available, a conversion of a tennis court in 2 – 3 Paddle courts is quite interesting.
    You need to able to extend the space by approx. 5 meters on the side.  
What is padel?
What is padel?
What is padel?

Padel – a fun sport for all ages:

Discover the joy of Padel, a thrilling sport suitable for all ages. Join the fun and experience the excitement today!

What is padel?


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