Hall requirements for Indoor Padel

Often a hall is rented for a padel center.
These are usually empty halls in industrial areas, and with good access to members. The right selection of the location is most probably 80% of the success. 

The following criteria must be taken into consideration when choosing the right location / hall:

  • The hall is big enough to be able to set up some padel courts. We recommend at least 3-4 padel courts with an optimal access and parking for visitors.
  • Important: The height need to be min. 8 meters (26 ft). On halls with lower ceilings,  the ball will hit the ceiling faster – some players do not like this.
  • The padel courts must be anchored to the ground using expansion screws. For this we need  to be able to drill approx. 10-12 cm (4-5″) deep. A solid concrete floor is the best An asphalt floor would be too soft.
  • The sub-floor is free of water, electrical or gas pipes. In case of water, it is usually a flooring heating system.
  • Unevenness, cracks, dents, etc. on the surface must be repaired before the installation of the Padel Courts. This also ensures a smooth and optimal ball bounce and behavior.
  • Make sure the entrance  area and doors are big enough to get all the elements of the Padel Court into the hall.
  • If the use of the hall was different  (e.g. warehouse), you probably would need to proceed with a change of use to a sports hall. Ask your local authorities for more information.
  • When positioning the padel courts, pay attention to the fire emergency exit doors. It might be possible that you need to change the position of the fire exit doors, because the Padel Courts are too close and/or do not have the right distance. Ask your local authorities for more information.

Hope above points will help you going for the right location and you are very welcome to send us pictures for a joint assessment and examination.

The ideal distance between Padel courts depends on various factors such as the orientation of the courts, the level of play, and the surrounding environment. However, in general, it is recommended to have a minimum distance of at least 4 – 6 meters between Padel courts to avoid interference between players on adjacent courts. However, this is not always possible as this will reduce the number of courts that fill fit in a specific area, so you can reduce to 1,5 – 2 meters and make the club more profitable.

Ultimately, the ideal distance between Padel courts will depend on the specific circumstances of the facility and the preferences of the players and organizers.

Hall requirements for Indoor Padel