Lighting system on a Padel Court

Aufbau von 2 Padel Court
LED Strahler
Jeton-Automaten 1

Especially in winter and autumn time the daylight in the evening is often insufficient for a reasonable game of Padel.
Floodlight is the solution here. It should be energy efficient and still allow a good game comfort!

The spotlights hang at a height of 6 meters on 4 masts and at a distance of 4 meters from the corner on the long side. Basically, with us you have the following options to equip lighting to a Padel Court: 

  • 8 LED-Spotlights 200 W (2 per mast)
    for Lighting class II with 356 Lux on the field
    Total Consumption: 1,6 kWh
  • 12 LED-Spotlights 200W (3 per mast)
    for Lighting class II with 554 Lux on the field
    WPT-Version. Total Consumption: 2,4 kWh

In order to not let the spotlights turned on permanently on all available Courts, the Padel Courts are often equipped with token machines.

The chips can be sold in low light conditions to the players at a price of 1 – 2 € per hour light (f.e. € 0.50 / per player). This will allow you to cover the electricity costs. Ask your supplier for electrical items. They have for sure interesting solutions for you.

More information on Lighting Classes: see here