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The same tennis standards apply to the lighting on Padel Courts. The European Standard EN 12193 contains specifications for the lighting of sports facilities with the aim of providing good viewing conditions for padel players.

Basically, the standard gives recommendations and lists the requirements for good lighting …

• to optimize visual information recording during the sporting event.
• to maintain the visual performance.
• to achieve acceptable viewing conditions.
• to limit spill light.

The requirements for the illumination of Padel Courts are divided into three lighting classes:

  • Class I: Top-level national and international competitions (non-televised) with requirements for spectators with potentially long viewing distances.
  • Class II: Mid-level competition, such as regional or local club tournaments. This generally involves medium-sized numbers of spectators with average viewing distances. High-level training may also be included in this class.
  • Class III: Low-level competition, such as local or small club tournaments. This does not usually involve spectators. General training, school sports and recreational activities also fall into this class.

The illuminance requirements (lux) are practically identical to the one of tennis.  The lighting classes are not always in demand in terms of the level of competition, but in recreational sports, especially from the desire of higher experience and lighting comfort.

The following shows the minimum standards according to the European Standard for Sports Lighting, EN 12193:2008:

Lighting class
Horizontal illuminance
Illuminance (lux)

Padel courts have a high recreational value: in summer, players can enjoy the cool evening hours, even in spring or fall, even when the sun has long gone down.

The lighting conditions  must also be uniformly bright. If the brightness is distributed evenly, the visual task can be fulfilled more easily. An interplay of bright light and dark shadow overwhelms the eyes, because they have to constantly adapt.

(*) For indoor facilities
The preference is using the existing hall lighting due to power supply. The connection is easier than on the Padel Court itself. If there is not enough lighting, you can always hang additional and/or stronger LED-spotlights on the ceiling.
If LED-Spotlights are delivered with the Padel Court, then our spotlights can complement those of the hall. The luminous flux (lumen) is added to the existing LED-spotlights, but not the light or illuminance in lux (lumens per square meter). To calculate this, you also need the beam angle and the distance of the individual LED-Spotlights to the playing area.

We offer the right LED solution for each of the lighting classes. The lighting report is also available on request.

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