Padel – All good, but how do I proceed?

Padel – All good, but how do I proceed?

It is not a fashion sport or a threat to tennis, but an excellent addition to win long-term and targeted new members of all ages (including low age). It is not only the acquisition of new customers that will make a difference, but also retaining members by offering them an alternative sport to continue with you (loyal members). 

All right, but what’s the best way to do it?

In the first phase, the current situation is to be analyzed first (actual state).

There are questions like:

  • Is the current membership sufficient to secure the future of the club?
  • At what age are the members (subdivision by age group)? (Average age)
  • What future prospects does the club have?
  • What needs to be done to achieve better results?
  • How conservative or open minded is the board and the existing members for something new?
  • Do you get the necessary support from their site?
  • Do the available playing areas reach the optimal usage?
  • Do you get the mayor on board for political support in the region?
  • What financial resources are available at the moment? (See also funding programs, if available).

The answers to these questions give a little more clarity and light to the whole picture.

From our experience, this sport is picking up in many countries. Those people who have some connection to Spain (eg. holidays in Mallorca or mainland) quickly see and notice how Padel has developed into a popular sport over the years. In total there are about 2.5 million people who play Padel with enthusiasm.

If you have experienced Padel, you can’t hardly get away from it. The enthusiasm and euphoria to Padel rises continuously over time. It happen very often that somebody in the club come across this sport and has even played it. Then it is obvious that he will try to convince the club colleagues and the board to do something in this direction for the club.

The situations vary a lot, but in any case, we recommend any tennis club or leisure center that offers tennis, to approach and deal with the matter, to understand and analyze what Padel can financially contribute to your club in the  long term. Be aware that Padel has financially secured the future of many clubs.

We have a market analysis and aerial photos of the 25 years development in Spain. The material will help to a better understanding and will allow you to present it better to the board meeting.

Just send us your inquiry via our contact form and we will gladly provide it to you.