Do business with Padel

What are the revenues around Padel?

As a basic, the profitability analysis of each company is the difference between the sum of the expected revenues and the estimated total costs. This difference is the profit or loss of any activity in any given period. Simple, isn’t it?

The challenge is that the revenue does not come by itself and out of nowhere. In order to make money with Padel you need min. 2 – 4 Padel Courts, some advertising, and of course the enthusiasm of the coaches, so that Padel can grow under your existing and new members and become progressively an integral part of the club. Keep in mind that Padel will improve customer loyalty and you can use it as a new member acquisition tool for your club. Especially the young people between 19 – 40 years, who are not particularly high represented today in the clubs, are particularly attracted by this sport. This also contributes to a rejuvenation of the club, which is a perfect for the future.

We offer you an Excel file for your profitability calculation in your club. This allows you to plan accordingly the occupancy of the Padel Courts on the different weekdays and time windows.

Do business with Padel
Do business with Padel
Do business with Padel

Here the important revenue streams

Direct use of customers

  • Padel Court Rental
  • Padel courses for all ages
  • Tournaments



  • Membership fees
  • Shop Sales (balls, soft drinks, sports equipment, sportswear, etc.)
  • Sponsorship
  • Guest service
  • Other services (fitness room, spa, massage, …)
  • Other events