Wind loads on Padel Courts

The structural stability and safety of a Padel Court depends on the steel structure and the soil structure. When building the Padel Courts OUTDOOR), the steel structure with the glass walls is exposed to the wind loads of your area. After all, we are dealing here with 100 m2 of glass surface.

For this requirement, we have developed the Mod. PREMIUM for you. An additional tube of 80 x 80 mm as a column reinforcement offers additional support for the frame structure from the outside and makes the Padel Court structurally very stable against wind loads. On Indoor there is no wind-actions to consider, so the Mod. BASIC PRO is the perfect solution for this application. However, those owners who has experienced the structural stability they opt also for the Mod. PREMIUM Padel Court on Indoor installations. 

There are no snow-loads to consider, since the Padel Court has no significant horizontal surfaces.

Padel Court PREMIUM
PREMIUM Padel Court