Padel for kids

Padel for kids
Padel for kids
Padel for kids
Padel for kids
Padel for kids

Not only adults have fun by playing PADEL, but also kids get excited and …. no matter at what age. The simplicity of this sport makes it extremely attractive for everyone. The main focus and driver is the MOTIVATION and the FUN FACTOR of this trend sport.

PADEL helps kids on .. 

  • The physical development
  • Improves coordination
  • The development of psychomotor skills
  • The reflexes
  • The muscles
  • the endurance
  • the flexibility
  • the resilience
  • the mobility

From the psychological point of view, kids are benefiting from the simplicity of this sport on developing

  • Self – confidence and
  • self-esteem.

Experts recommend kids should exercise a group sport and another sport with a more individual character. PADEL and TENNIS meet these criteria and are very well designed for this purpose. PADEL is much easier to play and appeal a wider audience. Padel as a perfect addon to your club.

The emotional benefits of Padel promote also values such as camaraderie, responsibility and discipline. All these are essential for the daily life of the kids. The kids learn to solve problems and make decisions quickly and efficiently. Everything with a lot of FUN and in a HEALTHY environment.

Here some pictures of kids playing and exercise in the Padel Court.