Aerial top view of a Tennis & Padel Club

Aerial top view of a Tennis & Padel Club

This picture shows the top view of a classic tennis club, which has smartly extended his sport offer by Padel.

Use the power of Padel for the development of growth in all kind of tennis environments.  

Remember: You smartly extend your target group with the result to keep and win new  members.

PADEL speaks for more members and fewer dropouts. PADEL convinces with its simplicity and its very high fun factor and it is designed for all ages. With Padel the fun factor is guaranteed right after 10 minutes of learning the basics. 

BLUE framed the tennis area (A) – 21 Tennis Courts

RED framed the Padel Area (B) – 10 Padel Court.

This is just an example of hundreds of Tennis Clubs that have this reality.
Do the same with your club. You can only win. 

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