Safe, functional and design Padel Courts


Let us analyse this: 


As already mentioned in different post, SAFETY stays for us on top of the priority list and our goal is offering a safe solution based on your local and predicted wind loads. 

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Thanks to our Structural Engineering Packages (SEP) we offer 5 different constructions systems designed for different windloads.

Our Structural Engineering Packages (SEP) make our Padel Court, Mod. PREMIUM very versatile for every application and convert our value proposition as the strongest and safest of the market. 

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The functionally may differs from case by case as every business model is different. We do have the capability to adapt the functionality to your needs by choosing the right

  • Construction system
  • The shape of lighting pillars
  • The artificial grass (fibrillated, monofilament or textured)
  • The entrance doors
  • LED-Lighting Class
  • Ball stop nettings,  etc. 
Some operators show some preferences for the Padel Court, Mod. Panoramic as it looks good. Just be aware that this design is more functional for Indoor big contests with a big audience, like it is the case at the World Padel Tour. For a day-to-day operation, a solid frame construction is preferred. Members often do not like such a high exposure when they are on the court and would like to start. Keeping the glass panels super-clean is also a point to consider.  


After covering safety and functionality features you would need to align the colours of the Padel Court to your corporate identity by making a choice of the color for the Steel structure and artificial grass as well as for LED-lighting pillars. A lot of options are available.
At this stage mentioning that “nice looking only” is not enough as it needs to be complemented with safety features. See point 1 above.  

Safe, functional and design Padel Courts - Padel
In addition, please be aware that your brand  (or sponsors) needs to be present in the Padel Court. We help you with our PROMO PACK. Different possibilities are available to make your brand or the one of your sponsors on the Padel Court.
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