Padel Tool box - Poster

Padel Marketing Tool Box

Your first marketing steps …..  Here you will be able to download flyers and posters as an editable file, so you only have to add your logo and make your possible adjustments, translations and additions. You are fully flexible and completely free to modify the graphics […]

Windloads on Padel Courts - Wind power

Windloads on Padel Courts

Should the Padel Court resist the wind loads of your specific area?  The answer is absolutely YES. Every Outdoor-Padel Court is permanently exposed to all the environmental actions during the whole year and consequently your Padel Courts […]

Padel für Unternehmen - Padel

Padel for Companies

Sports programs promote employee productivity and health The PADEL sport is ideal for companies with the goal of motivating employees. Since it is very easy to learn, and physically not very demanding, everyone can have a […]

Frauen spielen Padel

Padel among women

PADEL highly attracts ladies too. The success factors such as: fun, simplicity, social and physically not very demanding, play a very important role here. These are the little secrets that have made Padel in one of […]

Padel und Kinder

Padel for kids

Not only adults have fun by playing PADEL, but also kids get excited and …. no matter at what age. The simplicity of this sport makes it extremely attractive for everyone. The main focus and driver is the […]

Promis und Padel

VIPs play Padel

RAFA NADAL, CASILLAS OR AZNAR ALSO PLAY PADEL Padel as a trendport also attracts celebrities. Many sportspeople, personalities from the showbusiness and politicians have fun while playing paddle. On charity tournaments they often participate to […]

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The key to attract members with Padel

The demand is increasing, your competitions are getting more and more professional, the conventional advertising models is losing its effectiveness, the offer and the facility is getting more high-end and at the same time more comparable. Your members are getting high-demanding, more critical […]

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Sponsoring Padel

A sport event is the perfect environment for approaching consumers who are difficult to reach through traditional advertising.  It is a perfect image transfer for interested brands as well as linking the marketing objectives in […]