Floor plans for Padel Areas

The following case studies give you some guidelines and ideas for your padel project.
Keep in mind that the playing surface of a Padel Court has a dimension of 20 x 10 m

Case 1

Floor plan of a classic Padel Center.

This floor plan includes the following areas:
– Playground for 5 Padel Courts INDOOR
– Playground for 3 Padel Courts OUTDOOR
– Changing rooms with showers / WC and lockers
– Shop bar & warehouse
– Reception & office space
– Social Area with vending machines and/or Bistro.

For a detailed view, click on the images on the right.
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Often a location is being rented for running the business. These are usually empty facilities in industrial areas with a good and easy access for people.

The following should be noted:

  • The location is big enough to build some Padel Courts. The number will mostly depend on the size of the location. We would say min. 3-4 Padel Courts. 
  • The unloading process of the Padel Courts needs to be guaranteed. Mostly over unloading ramps.
  • The Padel Courts needs to be bolt to the ground by using expansion screws. We will have to drill about 12 cm deep. The best is a concrete floor.
  • Unevenness, cracks, dents, etc must be remedied before the installation to ensure that in the end a perfect playing surface.
  • The subfloor is free of water, electrical or gas pipes. In case of water it is usually a flooring heating system.
  • Height should be around 7,5 – 8  meters.
  • Presumably, a “Change of use” is required if the location was used before for a different purpose (warehouse for example).

Feel free to send us pictures for a common assessment and review.

Case 2

Thid would be an add-on to an existing sport center. This can be a tennis club, fitness or leisure center.

The layout includes:
– Playground for 7 Padel Courts Outdoor
– Changing rooms with showers
– Toilets and lockers
– Storage space

Depending on the available space you can make a choice of 2 – 6 Padel Courts. 

In smaller facilities the changing rooms and showers can be used from the existing sport center. 

For a detailed view, click on the images on the right.

Case 3

If you have a tennis court with low attendance rates, a conversion into 2 – 3 Padel Courts is a good option to make the area profitable again.

A tennis court usually has a total size of 34 x 17 m. With just a little more space on one side, you can have up to three Padel Courts. See picture on the right.