Largest Padelcenter in German-speaking countries

Largest Padelcenter in German-speaking countries - Padel
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in Wädenswil near Zurich-Switzerland in December 2017 the largest indoor Padel Center in the german-speaking countries was created. Equipped with a total of 6 Padel Courts, Mod. BASIC PRO, bistro at its finest for the well-being of the guests and with a shop for the right “tools”, the fun in Wädenswil is guaranteed for everyone. In addition, introductory courses for all ages and all levels are offered.

In short:
Everything you need to make this fascinating sport life as an unforgettable experience is here.

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Team sport

Under the motto “Small & Big Together” Padel offers extraordinary opportunities to bring family and sport under one roof. The simplicity and the high fun factor makes it possible to elegantly combine “sport and fun”.

Padel sports is an initiative for all ages to create a recreational opportunity in your community. Padel offers real development opportunities for tennis clubs and sportsclubs, especially to improve the results through better attrition rates and new memberships.

Age groups between 20 and 40 are particularly attracted by this sport. Use the potential of Padel to your advantage. In Spain, 2.5 million people are already “paddling” on around 12,000 Padel Courts. The potential is there! Do not miss out on recognizing Padel on early stage and integrate it in your facility. Send us your inquiry and we are happy to help. Feel free to use our our contact form to send us contact details and request. Happy to help!