The key to attract members with Padel

The demand is increasing, your competitions are getting more and more professional, the conventional advertising models is losing its effectiveness, the offer and the facility is getting more high-end and at the same time more comparable. Your members are getting high-demanding, more critical and are also well-informed.

The key to attract members with Padel

The fact is that  

– enthusiastic members gives you a good build-up by word of mouth
– only satisfied members are tempted by other offers and pay close attention to prices
– unsatisfied members go elsewhere and give you a bad word of mouth

Therefore, in the service sector, where tennis clubs and sport parks, Tennis and Padel are,  the main goal is to have enthusiastic members. This is obtained by getting to know and meet their individual expectations! In connection with this, Padel sport offers you a perfect add-on and is a base to generate and increase enthusiasm on your members with the direct result of reducing the attrition rate and getting new customers.  

One of the most important components highly linked to increase the enthusiasm on members is the TRAINER. If the trainer transmits enthusiasm the members will be enthusiastic as well.

Here we are going to give you a couple of useful tips and suggestions for the trainers: 

The trainer should :
– have excellent and great social skills
– have good interaction with adults and children
– be a motivator, using motivating and structured working methods
– be charismatic 
– have leadership skills and entertain during the teamwork 
– have positive and proactive personality