Roof Top Construction for Padel

Playing Padel on the rooftop of a building looks very attractive and exciting. For many businesses and players an eye-catcher and by enjoying the view from the top a pure live experience.

Here are a couple of points to consider when approaching a project with these requirements:

Roof Top Construction for Padel

Structural strength of the building
Please check with the structural engineer that the building can resist the weight of around 8 – 10 tons. The glass area is the area with the highest concentration of weight. Be aware that every single slab of tempered security glass has a weight of 180 kg. Considering 9 slabs and the steel structure you have around 2700 kg distributed on 10 touch points on one side of the field and the same on the other.

Anchoring the steel structure
Every Padel Court needs to be anchored to the ground in order to avoid any movement and structural damage caused by the wind. We use expansion screws, and you need to be able to screw around 12 cm deep.

Flatness of the area
When the building gets designed, the architect probably did not consider installing a Padel Court, so the floor has for sure a system for evacuating the rain water, most probably a slope system.

For the installation of a Padel Court you need a flat area with a drainage system for the rain water. The turf is permeable and will let the water go through. If you do not consider a drainage system, you will experience an accumulation of water on the field when it rains.
Alternatively you can consider a slope of around 0,7% on the short side of the Padel Court. 

Please consider that the Padel Court is fully exposed to the wind loads. Any trees or other constructions will not protect the Padel Court and construction needs to be designed accordingly. This is according to Eurocode Terrain Category:
0 – Open sea
1 – Flat area with no obstacles. 

Our Mod. PREMIUM is the recommended construction to take into consideration. We offer this construction in 5 different strength categories.  See also this post:  Windloads on Padel Courts

Ball stop nettings
Playing on this height we would need to prevent balls going out of the field, in order to avoid someone gets injured or something gets hit (ex. cars) by the balls. 

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