Preventive maintenance work on a Padel Court

For long life and to guarantee the best playing conditions, all elements on the Padel Court needs to be regularly maintained within your internal maintenance program.

These elements are:

  • artificial turf
  • steel structure
  • glass and mesh. 

From all the elements, the artificial turf is to pay special attention.

Here are some very good tips for the maintenance of the artificial grass (turf):
A sand-filled artificial grass in a Padel Court is very easy to maintain. In order to optimize the game features and also to obtain a long durability, a few points needs to be considered, which we would like to explain as follows:

  • After installing the artificial turf, it should be noted that an optimal playing surface will be created during the first 2 months. The area should be sanded abundantly. Avoid playing without sand as the turf will last less.
  • The compaction and the deep penetration of the sand between the fibers of the turf is done in a natural way by playing on the surface. The rain will also contribute positively to this process.
  • It should be considered that the sand is distributed evenly on the surface. The refilling at certain points is quite possible and necessary.
  • For a long life the regular brushing of the surface is important, in order to avoid that the sand hardens. We recommend using a one meter brush at a medium hardness. Basically, sweeping in both directions. Lengthwise and crosswise. Brush only when it’s dry. (see picture 1 below). 
    NOTE: If there is a lack of care the silica sand will hardening over time. A hardened surface not only affects the quality of the game but also prevents the rainwater running out. To correct it, only a brush machine would have to brush out the hardened sand (see picture 2 below). Very important:  The area must be brushed regularly.
  • The frequency depends very much on the local conditions, such as number of play hours, roofing, rainfall, etc. We recommend basically once every 2 – 3 weeks.
  • Maintenance includes work such as: removing leaves, weeds and snow on the artificial turf, etc.
    Cold winter weather is no problem for the artificial turf. Even with long frost, the artificial turf takes no damage and does not break when entering to the Padel Court. If, however, a hard snow or ice has formed, this should not be removed manually, because the frozen stalks may then be torn off. Best is to wait for warmer temperatures and let the ice melt off normally.
    In the winter preparation of the artificial turf you should pay attention to a few things in autumn and winter. Especially the leaves and other leaves should be removed from the artificial turf in autumn. This can be done with a normal brush. We would not recommend the use of a leaf blower, as you would blow out the sand from the artificial turf.
  • You do not need to winterize and put in into operation every year.
  • The maintenance costs of a Padel Court are limited to refilling silica sand, and the cost of the silica sand is very low. The maintenance costs of Tennis Court are by far much higher. 

For the rest of elements the following points to be considered: 

Further maintenance works on the Padel Court within the “Maintenance Program” of your facility:

  • Cleaning: In order to give a good impression to your members, the glass panels and steel structure should be cleaned on regular basis
  • Middle net should occasionally be stretched, if necessary.
  • Check condition of neoprene strip (foam band between steel frame and glass panels). 
  • Check occasionally the screws and tighten them, if necessary. Do not turn it all too tight to avoid a glass breakage.

Pic. 1 - Point 4

Preventive maintenance work on a Padel Court

Pic. 2 - Point 4

Preventive maintenance work on a Padel Court