Porous concrete for Padel Playing Surfaces

How to make porous concrete for a Padel Court?

Porous concrete is utilized as the playing surface for the foundation of an outdoor Pade Court.
It is a type of concrete that is designed to allow water to pass through it. It is also known as pervious concrete or permeable concrete and used in construction projects where water management is a concern, such as parking lots, sidewalks, and roadways and also for Padel playing surfaces.  This is achieved by leaving gaps between the aggregate materials used in the concrete mix, which allows water to flow through the material and into the ground below.

To ensure the evenness of the surface and optimal ball bounce in a Padel Court, it is necessary to utilize finely porous concrete.
The permeable concrete surface will prevent puddles from forming after rain, allowing you to resume playing shortly after the rain stops. Avoiding prolonged pauses in padel games after rainfall.

Here an example for a perfect porous concrete surface made for Padel: 

Take a look at this informative videos that demonstrates the process of creating and positioning porous concrete:

Porous concrete for Padel Playing Surfaces
Porous concrete for Padel Playing Surfaces