Combine structural strength & high design features

Combining structural strength and high design features is an integral part of our value proposition. From a structural standpoint, and especially on Outdoor installations, using glass requires FIRST a good and safe steel structure to secure the structural stability of the Padel Court. For this purpose we have our Mod. PREMIUM with 5 different Structural Engineering Packages as per Eurocode. 

This is needed due to the fact that Outdoor Installations are permanently exposed to the windactions in your specific area. The goal is to avoid any bad movements that could lead to an undesirable glass breakage, like you can see on the following examples:  
Example 1, Example 2, Example 3, Example 4.

Padelcreations can perfectly combine the 3 main criterias: 

  1. Make the Padel Court strong to secure SAFETY
  2. Make the Padel Court functional to cover FUNCTIONALITY
  3. Make the Padel Court looking impressive by enhancing it with DESIGN options

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Here one of our latest creations and installations: