Strategic pricing management for Padel

Strategic pricing management for Padel

What is the right pricing model for you? The clubs differ greatly from each other and the price policy depends heavily on the location, the sports offer, the facility, the environment, the target groups and the competition. With the positioning you are going to make the most important business decision with long-term impact.

We would like to help you making the right decision for your Club and we would like to offer some good and creative examples.

 As a sample here you can download the pricing policy of a Padel Club in Jaén (Spain): 


Important instructions: 

1. The information contained in this data sheet is useful and exclusively as an orientation. The prices are market prices in Jaén (Spain) and for your country or region these need to be appropriately adapted.

2. You will find further pricing models in the ToolBox in our Homepage (reserved only for customers). This is also an integral part of our “1 year-Strategic Management Support“, that we offer you with the purchase of our Padel Courts.