Sponsoring Padel

Sponsoring Padel

A sport event is the perfect environment for approaching consumers who are difficult to reach through traditional advertising. 

It is a perfect image transfer for interested brands as well as linking the marketing objectives in a particularly elegant manner and with social commitment.

Here 3 key questions:

1. Club profile:  
What does the club? What is the philosophy? Which sports do you offer?

2. Membership’s Profile:
Who trains in your club? Who comes to your competitions or events? Are there families, singles, students, retired people, children, young people, etc.? Does the sponsor get the audience, which he would like to address?

Note: The following information is based on data we could track from German Tennis Scene, where we assume there are similarities to your country as well.

The age structure of the tennis scene by the German Tennis Association looks as follows:

 – 26.07 % of the members are between 9 and 18 years old
– 19.76 % between 19-40 years old
– 54.17 % are older than 41st

The approach in the introduction of Padel as a complementary sport is, among other things, to also attract members of these age groups: 19 to 27 (8.83%) and 28 to 40 (10.92%). These groups are now not enough represented in a club, but provides a tremendous and huge revenue potential for the clubs. 

The development in Spain has shown that Padel attracts, motivates and excites people of these age groups.

In relation to sponsoring this has a great side effect: Sponsors are much easier to win, if these groups of ages are well represented. These are high-spending consumers. There are mainly companies from the following industries: automotive, insurance, beverage, communication, consumer goods and services.

3. Sales / Advertising:

Do you offer advertising space such as banner advertising, ads in your club magazine to your sponsor?As the pictures show, a Padel Court provides good and sufficiently large areas for a banner during an event or a permanent advertising through a window sticker on the glass. The middle net is also often used for this.

Sponsoring Padel

We would like to show you through some interesting pictures that thanks to the extension of the target group in the club – mainly caused by integration of Padel as a sport in your club – the interest for a sponsorship increases. Fact is that Padel attracts more and new people: Those who ONLY play Padel  and those who plays both, Padel & Tennis.


These images are public and are exclusively used to give you an overview of the Padel sponsorship scene. In Spain we are few years ahead and are able to report this. There are much more sponsoring companies that are using Padel for their marketing campaigns, but they are only locally known. These are small and medium businesses in the immediate vicinity of the club. To see the images, please press “SPONSORING“.

Some of the most common types of padel sponsorship opportunities include:

  1. Event sponsorship: Supporting a padel tournament or competition.

  2. Team sponsorship: Providing financial or equipment support to a padel team or group of players, who will then wear the sponsor’s logo on their uniforms or equipment.

  3. Player sponsorship: Supporting a professional or amateur padel player, who will then promote the sponsor’s brand through social media, interviews, or other public appearances.

  4. Court sponsorship: Funding the construction or maintenance of a padel court or facility, which can then be named after the sponsor or feature their logo prominently.

Overall, sponsoring padel can be a great way for companies to connect with a passionate and growing audience, and increase their brand awareness and customer loyalty.