Padel among women

PADEL highly attracts ladies too. The success factors such as: fun, simplicity, social and physically not very demanding, play a very important role here. These are the little secrets that have made Padel in one of the most popular sports among women.

While there are still differences between women (35%) and men (65%), this has been significantly reduced over time.

This value added is healthy, complementary to every sports club, balancing and the simplicity of this sport makes it accessible to a much broader audience, so that the occupancy of the Padel Courts during the day can significantly be improved.

In the morning a Padel game after getting the children to school? … and then there is a nice get-together with coffee and cake – but not much :-).

Frauen spielen Padel
Padelsport unter den Frauen
Damen spielen Padel
Padel und die Damen
Damen spielen Padel