Padel sports and the family

Padel sports and the family
Padel sports and the family
Padel sports and the family

Under the slogan “PADEL for families” we would like to point out some interesting aspects that you might want to use in the positioning of Padel in your region. 

Sport with children“, “Keep the family fit“, “Sport and family” … these are only a few slogans you can advertise as an operator.

Padel offers as a versatile platform, extraordinary opportunities to bring family and sport together. The simplicity and the high fun factor makes it possible.

The benefits of practicing PADEL with your family

PADEL has a lot of benefits for all family members. Practicing it with your family helps to strengthen the family’s bonds.

High social component
PADEL is a fun sport. The playful part is present from the moment we set foot on the track until we get home, as it is very common after the game for the players to enjoy a refreshing drink and a pleasant moment to remember all the anecdotes of the game. A good plan could also be to play as a family and encourage more friends or neighbors to join. You can organize a tournament against different families. The laughs are assured and the rivalry (always in a positive way) too!

Does not require a big investment
PADEL is a sport that does not require a great economic effort to practice it and you can start playing from very early ages.  Only the padel racket and comfortable clothes are needed. The cost of booking a track in a club is usually not very high, so a Padel game as a family could become the perfect alternative to other common plans that have been made during the year such as going out for dinner or to the cinema. In addition, this plan is much healthier!

Stimulate the communication and the family relationships
During a Padel game we are in constant communication with our game partner, so that the relationship gets stronger. Language is very important, both verbal and non-verbal. Therefore, we can observe how our partner speaks to us during the game –  what he tells us – what he expects from us in each moment. In addition, when playing as a family you will know even more how all behave in a competitive environment. This is very interesting, since it will allow us as parents to discover how they react to certain situations and how they handle certain emotions that occur during the game. The character and the personality of our kids becomes visible.

Likewise, sharing a hobby as a family helps to strengthen ties and strengthen the family relationship, since this plan keeps you united and with a common goal during the time the game lasts (usually between 1 and 1,5  hour).

Parents will instruct their kids important values
PADEL does not only produce physical benefits, but also emotional and psychological benefits, which are key in the growth and development phases of the kids. In this way, Padel’s own dynamics allow children to gain independence on the track, while in each game their motivation and commitment increases. In addition, kids acquire important values for the future, that can be used in other facets of their personal and professional life, such as companionship, team spirit, dedication and sacrifice.

The family is an important target group for sports clubs, leisure centers, hotels, condos and resorts.