Global Padel Report

Global Padel Report

This Global Padel Report is powered by Playtomic and Monitor Deloitte and provides a unique and global view to understand how Padel has become the fastest growing racket sport in history. It offers you a good insight view of the development of Padel in different parts of the world. 

Global Padel Report:
115 slides of exclusive content by country:

Padel worldwide trends and conclusions from the Playtomic and Deloitte Global Padel Report

  1. Padel has experienced very strong growth in recent years and an increasing number of people have played Padel more than once. This growth is expected to continue and accelerate in multiple markets with high populations worldwide.
  2. Padel has clearly high social engagement than other sports, is easier to enjoy when playing it, and is very affordable with a high price per fun.
  3. Padel is attracting furthermore investors, fans, and celebrities to play Padel and get involved in the growth of the game.
  4. Padel can become the most practiced sport over sports such as tennis.