Safer Padel environments

We are coming out of a lockdown which lasted several weeks and we would like to offer our contribution in order to make the padel areas more secure.

In the club environment and all hospitality zones of a club, having physical menu cards, price lists, rules or any other document you would like to share with your members are not allowed anymore.  

Unfortunately this is part of the “new reality“.
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are issuing guidelines to safely reopen the country post-lockdown, and restaurants, cafes and bars will have to be extra careful while welcoming and serving their customers.
The guidelines are not a feasible and sustainable solution for the long-term. For one, the cost of reprinting the same menu in large numbers will add to many challenges that the restaurants and clubs are facing. Furthermore, their environmental impact is also pretty damning.

We would like to help you by offering you customers/members the possibility of viewing the menu card or any other document in a digital format through a QR-Code. It only requires a mobile phone which everyone has. This is very useful and above all: safe and without touching anything

If you need your customised QR-Code for your business, you can do it by just sending us your menu card or any other document by Email. The company that will support us in this project is >> for pricing see also: Online Store

Would you like to test it right now?
Just take your mobile phone and point to the QR-Code on the right to see an example of a menu card of a Padel Club.


-> If you have an older smartphone, you need an app that can read the QR code. We recommend:
Kaspersky Scanner QR. Is free of charge.


  • Immediate access to the menu card as soon as you sit 
  • Say “adios” to the physical menu card and your recurring disinfection 
  • Faster service 
  • Improves profitability per table 
  • Improves your customer experience
  • Safer for your customers/members and your employees. 
  • Helps keep the Coronavirus under control.